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So it’s fall here. Finally. Overcast, but bright, and a tad windy. We’ve been getting psyched on eating oatmeal (with cinnamon and brown sugar) and soup, because it’s that time of year (Also? I want to put pumpkin in everything).

Julie has a photography midterm due at the beginning of the weekend, so we needed to make the most of this fall lighting pronto. Except we tried at sunset yesterday and Julie’s camera battery died. And then it got all cloudy. So we went home and had arts and crafts time instead while watching 30 Rock for several hours. Because that’s the kind of roommates we are.

This morning we got up at the ass-crack of dawn (8:45am, which is actually later than I normally get up anyway) to get our photo shoot on. Julie has a film camera, so unfortunately I cannot post any of her lovely pictures of me playing in a mountain field. You can, however, see photos from my camera. So here they are.

I happen to have quite a lovely roommate and model.

This photo is my favorite. I think it makes Julie look older, but in a beautiful, worldly way.

And then I got Julie to lay in some leaves…

The lighting really was perfect by the time we got here. This was probably taken around 10am.

Then I got to play in the leaves.

There were leaves. Lots and lots of leaves.

I’d say this picture is pretty telling of my character.

And this one just makes me feel like an actual model (Hooray for Lightroom 3). How awesome are photo shoots? The results always get me so excited.

And after the shoot, I headed over to the Longmont Humane Society with Peter and his mother. They’re looking for a new dog to be a companion for their other two. So many sweet faces! As always, I just wanted to take them all with me (I only have to wait another five to ten years to be able to have one of my own). I should have taken some pictures of them.

We did play with Nelson (click for his profile). How goofy and sweet, huh? Nelson is pretty smart, but he is all over the place. He’s about as rambunctious (if not more) than Peter’s other dog, and one of those is about enough in a house.

Then we took out Lilo (the website doesn’t have a picture of her but she is adorable). They said she’s a terrier/pitbull mix, but she doesn’t really look like either. Lilo is sort of on the young side for what they wanted, but such a sweetheart. It’s safe to say we were all pretty taken with her. Once they see if Lilo is compatible with their other dogs, maybe then she’ll come home with them and I can take some pictures to share. In any case, there will be a new pup around, which is always exciting.

So, as it goes, today was quite excellent. Photography and dogs: two of my favorite things. Now for homework, I suppose. Enjoy your Sunday evening!